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Resources mirroring

I support some resources by donating my disk space and Internet channel bandwidth. You can contact me if you are interested in my possible mirroring help.

I won’t mirror illegal content from Russian Federation laws point of view.

I can provide separate IPv6 address (less bandwidth, because of tunnel broker, no native IPv6), BitTorrent seeding, rsync, git (read-only). Server has 100 Mbps channel and mirrored hard drives. We can share the data through CD/DVD discs, SATA/SAS hard drives, LTO4/LTO5 tapes, USB 2.0/3.0 flash drives (least preferable).

Pay attention that sizes below could be smaller than expected, because I (re)compress the data as a rule.

CPANweekly27 GB
CTANweekly27 GBProprietary OSes are excluded
CRANweekly106 GBbin/ is excluded
Various git repositoriesweekly
Historical source and several other repositories16 GB
IFweekly88 GB
FreeBSD mailing list archiveweekly3.5 GB
Cryptology ePrint Archive2022-06-0110 GB
Модель для сборки2022-04-2735 GB
The IRTC Archivelatest8.2 GB
The Unix Heritage Society2022-06-067 GB
OS distributions
PyPI2018-05-01943 GiB
audio.textfiles.com2019-08-10224 GiB
cd.textfiles.com2019-08-16314 GiB
textfiles.com2021-01-30250 GiB
*.cr.yp.to2020-03-226.2 GB, dnscurve.org2020-03-194.2 GB
hyperelliptic.org2020-03-1937.9 GB
Союзмультфильм cartoons2018258 GB (multiki, filmiki, film)2018-03-318344 GB
Good Old Games colossal collection2015-10-291442 GB collection2018-10-06404 GiB
Антология игр Фаргус2017-07-23443 GB
eXoDOS 5.0 huge old DOS videogames collection2020-11-01491 GiB
Total DOS Collection 192021-08337 GiB
eXoScummVM collection2021-06-23125 GB
eXoWin3x 2.0 collection2021-06-23271 GB
cryptome.org2020-07-2461 GiB
Project Gutenberg2021-02-06189 GiB GB
Электронная библиотека NoZDRа2020-02-011.43 TiB
Информационная система Ёшкин кот2021-06-01974 GiB
Coursera WARC copy2016-071.2 TiB
www.buran.ru2017-0716 GiB
Survivor library2020-03210 GB
NetBSD distfiles2022-01-15152 GiB
Gentoo’s distfiles2022-03-22292 GiB

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