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Software written by me

Some software is not used and developed by me now, probably because it reached all the goals (finished), probably because I do not use Python anymore, etc.

NameIn useLanguageSizeDescription
BASSYesmostly shMediumCross-platform package manager and distributed continuous integration
VoRSYesGoSmallVery simple and usable multi-user VoIP solution
zwsYeszshTinyWeb-server with directory listing and MIME support
schwabrakYeszshTinySimple flat file based issue tracker
udpobfsYesGoTinySimple point-to-point UDP obfuscation proxy
preproYesGo/zshTinyPrepare GOPROXY and go-import friendly website
mmcYesGo/shSmallMattermost client
btrtrcYesGoSmallBetter BitTorrent client, based on library
dht-bootstrapYesCMediumFork of DHT bootstrap daemon with various improvements
dmonYesDTrace/PerlTinyDTrace-backed IP network real-time monitoring utility
zdnsYesTclTinyDNS zones creator
glocateYesGoSmallZFS’es zfs diff friendly locate
galgenYeszshTinyStatic images gallery generator
zk.zshYeszshSmallZettelkästen/wiki/static website helper/generator
sgmonYesshSmallSimple stargrave’s monitoring system
zeasypkiYeszshSmallEasy PKI with ECDSA, EdDSA and GOST certificates support
feederYesGo/zsh/shMediumNewsfeeds aggregator
godlightyYesGoMediumHighly-customizable HTTP, HTTP/2, HTTPS server
meta4raYesGoSmallUtility for creating and checking of Metalink 4.0 files
tofuproxyYesGo/Tk/CMediumFlexible HTTP proxy, TLS terminator, X.509 certificates manager, WARC/Gemini browser related utilities: tlsc, tlss, proxy
pasterYesGoTinyPaste service daemon. Use it personally for text and image pastes
mlmmj-listtextsYesRussianSmallRussian translation for mlmmj maillist manager
linksexpYesGoTinyTexinfo/XBEL/OPML/urls autogeneration from recfile bookmark library
goredoYesGoBigBest redo implementation recutils’es recfile parser/writer
Go GOST TLS 1.3YesGoMediumGo with GOST TLS 1.3 support
SGBlogYesGoMediumGit-based CGI/UCSPI blogging/phlogging/gemlogging engine, that powers
gostipsecYesGoMediumESPv3/IKEv2 implementation with AES-GCM/curve25519 and GOST cryptography support
GoCheeseYesGoMediumPython private package repository and caching proxy
uploaderYesGoSmallSimplest HTTP form file uploader. Huge files are sent to me by various people with it
PyDERASNYesPythonBigASN.1 DER/CER/BER library. #2020610831 registration in Russia
NNCPYesGoBigCollection of utilities simplifying secure store-and-forward files and mail exchanging
GoGOSTYesGoBigGOST cryptographic functions library. #2020610704 registration in Russia
PyGOSTYesPythonBigGOST cryptographic functions library. #2020610895 registration in Russia password hashing library. It is used in all my projects where password hashing is involved
nose_gnuerrorformatYesPythonTinyNose plugin that adds GNU errorformat-compatible tracebacks format serialization library
passmanYesshTinySimple password manager. Use it everyday for all passwords management
tYeszsh/shTinySimple notes manager. Use it all the time, everyday, probably most often used utility
tornYeszsh/PerlTinyMusical files renaming with russian language transliteration
goircdSeldomGoMediumMinimalistic simple IRC server. Fastest way to setup single IRC server
codecommSeldomVim scriptSmallCode comments preparation helper
syncerNoGoSmallFast stateful file/disk data syncer. Useless, because of ZFS’s send/recv. Just some kind of example software
sgodupNoGoSmallHigh-performance file deduplication utility
randomartNoPythonTinyDrunken-bishop algorithm for visualizing random art of the digest
gohpencNoGoSmallHigh-performance encryption utility written on Go. Workable replacement for hpenc
vimslidesNoVim scriptTinyPresentation inside Vim. Well, I have not given any presentation for a long time, but used that utility twice
pyimportcanNoPerlTinyPython imports canonical format filter. Ultimate utility for making single-line imports in Python
GerrvimNoVim scriptSmallGerrit review’s comments preparation helper. Fortunately I do not use Gerrit anymore
pyssssNoPythonTinyShamir’s secret sharing scheme implementation
GoVPNNoGoBigSimple free software virtual private network daemon, aimed to be reviewable, secure, DPI/censorship-resistant. I use IPsec now, also look at WireGuard

I have participated in several free software projects, but they seems to be dead nowadays:


hardware testing and certification system, suitable for both enterprise and home use


free software project implementing Storage Area Network


AJAX web-based hardware configurator

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