Software written by me

Some software is not used and developed by me now, probably because it reached all the goals (finished), probably because I do not use Python anymore, etc.

NameIn useDevelopedLanguageDescription
goredoYesYesGoredo implementation on pure Go.
NNCPYesYesGoNode to Node copy is a collection of utilities simplifying secure store-and-forward files and mail exchanging. I use it extensively everyday.
GoGOSTYesYesGoPure Go GOST cryptographic functions library.
Go GOST TLS 1.3YesYesGoGo’s support of GOST TLS 1.3.
PyGOSTYesYesPythonPure Python GOST cryptographic functions library.
GoCheeseYesYesGoPython private package repository and caching proxy.
PyDERASNYesYesPythonASN.1 DER/CER/BER library for Python.
SGBlogYesYesGoGit-based CGI/inetd blogging/phlogging engine, that rules blog.stargrave.org.
linksexpYesYesGoTexinfo/XBEL/OPML autogeneration from recfile bookmark.
sgodupYesNoGoHigh-performance file deduplication utility.
gostipsecYesNoGoPure Go ESPv3/IKEv2 implementation with AES-GCM, curve25519 and GOST cryptography support.
passmanYesNoshellSimple password manager. Use it everyday for all passwords management.
tYesNoshellSimple notes manager. Use it all the time, everyday, probably most often used utility.
tornYesNoPerlMusical files renaming with russian language transliteration.
go.cypherpunks.ru/balloonYesNoGoBalloon password hashing library written on pure Go. It is used in all my projects where password hashing is involved.
go.cypherpunks.ru/netstringYesNoGonetstring format serialization library written on pure Go.
go.cypherpunks.ru/recfileYesNoGoGNU recutils’es recfile parser on pure Go.
go.cypherpunks.ru/tai64nYesNoGoPure Go TAI64/TAI64N library.
nose_gnuerrorformatYesNoPythonNose plugin that adds GNU errorformat-compatible tracebacks. Use it all the time in Python projects.
uploaderYesNoGoSimplest HTTP form file uploader. Huge files are sent to me by various people using it.
goircdYesNoGoMinimalistic simple IRC server. Fastest way to setup single IRC server.
gohpencSeldomNoGoHigh-performance encryption utility written on Go. Workable replacement for hpenc.
codecommSeldomNoVim scriptCode comments preparation helper (Vim plugin). Useful from time to time.
pyssssSeldomNoPythonPure Python Shamir’s secret sharing scheme implementation.
GoVPNNoNoGoSimple free software virtual private network daemon, aimed to be reviewable, secure, DPI/censorship-resistant. I use IPsec now, also look at WireGuard.
GerrvimNoNoVim scriptGerrit review’s comments preparation helper (Vim plugin). Fortunately I do not use Gerrit anymore.
pyimportcanNoNoPerlPython imports canonical format filter. Ultimate utility for making single-line imports in Python.
randomartNoNoPythonDrunken-bishop algorithm for visualizing random art of the digest.
vimslidesNoNoVim scriptPresentation inside Vim (Vim plugin). Well, I have not given any presentation for a long time, but used that utility twice.
syncerNoNoGoFast stateful file/disk data syncer. Useless, because of ZFS’s send/recv. Just some kind of example software.

I have participated in several free software projects, but they seems dead now:


hardware testing and certification system, suitable for both enterprise and home use.


free software project implementing Storage Area Network.