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050 Years of Text Gamesfeed
1Adventure Gamerfeed
2Andrew Plotkin’s blogIT, Personalfeed
3Eaten By A Grue the Infocom podcastPodcastfeed
4Emily Short’s Interactive StorytellingSTATIC
6Gaming After 40feed
7Hardcore Gaming 101STATIC
8History of computer entertainment and digital culture by Jimmy Maherfeed
9IFTF’s blogfeed
10Interactive Fiction Archivefeed
11Interactive fiction databaseSTATIC
12NetHack 4 blogITSTATIC
13NetHack wikia downloadFilesharingSTATIC
15Obsessively complete Infocom catalogSTATIC
16Old-Games.RUOldies, Podcast, Russianfeed0 feed1 feed2 feed3 feed4
17Planet interactive fictionAggregatorfeed
18Renga in Blue (Interactive fiction and the All the Adventures project)Personalfeed
19RetroAhoy playlistSTATIC
20RetroPie (Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi)STATIC
21Ron Gilbert’s blogfeed
22ScummVM collectionFilesharingSTATIC
23ScummVM newsfeed
24Society for the Promotion of Adventure GamesSTATIC
25The Zork librarySTATIC
26Titans of Text (Titans from the text gaming community)PodcastSTATIC
28Книги кодов и описаний игр (Sega, Dendy (NES), PlayStation, Panasonic 3DO, IBM PC, ZX Spectrum, ...)FilesharingSTATIC
29Новая реальность – информационный игровой порталfeed
30Сообщество любителей интерактивной литературыRussianfeed
31Шоу "16-бит тому назад"IT, Oldies, Podcast, RussianSTATIC

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