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Links category: Crypto

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0Applied cryptography blog by Nicolas CourtoisITfeed
1Bentham’s Gazefeed
2Bulletproof TLS NewsletterITfeed
3Crypto discussion listMaillistSTATIC
4Crypto forum research groupMaillistSTATIC
5Cryptography and Cryptography Policy Mailing ListMaillistSTATIC
6Cryptologie blog (David Wong’s blog)feed
7Cryptology ePrint archiveSTATIC
8Diceware Passphrase FAQITSTATIC
9Diceware Passphrase Home PageITSTATIC
10Discussion of elliptic curve cryptographyMaillistSTATIC
11Discussion of secure messaging protocolsMaillistSTATIC
12Few thoughts of cryptographic engineering (Matthew Green’s blog)feed
13Filippo Valsorda’s blogITfeed
14Gentle introduction to elliptic-curve cryptographySTATIC
15IPv6 operators forumMaillistSTATIC
16ImperialViolet (Adam Langley’s blog)IT, Personalfeed
17Light Blue Touchpaper (Security Research, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge)ITfeed
18Noise protocol discussiogMaillistSTATIC
20PCG, A Family of Better Random Number Generators blogSTATIC
21Post-quantum cryptographySTATIC
22Schneier on securityfeed
23Signal blogfeed
24Timing attacksSTATIC
25What is wrong with Web cryptoITSTATIC (D. J. Bernstein’s blog)IT, Personalfeed
27Блог КриптоПроRussianfeed

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