Contact information

Email is very insecure, but still is the most convenient communication tool in general case. Instant messaging could be more anonymous and secure (especially with perfect forward secrecy property) – in practice it is very inconvenient and uncomfortable to use, because you are forced to be online during the talk, you can not interrupt, you are forced to wait the person to be online, and so on.

You won’t find me in so called social networks!

You can contact me using stargrave at stargrave dot org address. Encrypted and authenticated messages are highly preferable. My public PGP key is here with the 12AD 3268 9C66 0D42 6967 FD75 CB82 0563 2107 AD8A fingerprint. Also it includes my old key with CF60 E89A 5923 1E76 E263 6422 AE1A 8109 E498 57EF fingerprint.

DANE and Web Key Directory records are available for it. You can import/verify it using (replace at/dot words with corresponding characters):

$ gpg --auto-key-locate dane --locate-keys stargrave at stargrave dot org
$ gpg --auto-key-locate  wkd --locate-keys stargrave at stargrave dot org
$ gpg --auto-key-locate  wkd --locate-keys stargrave at gnupg dot net

I will sincerely hate you if you will send me HTML! And do not wait for kind words from me, if you use top-posting.

And pay attention that at least Gmail tries very hard to make life worse for everyone not using services of the big corporations. So without any explanations and details, even if you have got fully correctly configured mail system (and also DNS), mail will easily fall into spam directory.

I run NNCP network nodes, so probably we can communicate through it, also for mirroring purposes.

You can send me big files with that form, as email does not allow big files convenient and effective transmission.