Who am I boycott and do not recommend

Also you can see who I respect and can recommend.

NIC.RU domain name registrar

They block access to their sites without telling any reasons. Support team just redirects and keeps calm. Presumably they forbids access from addresses acting as a Tor router (but not exit node). Fuck that support and the whole company!

R01.RU domain name registrar

They block access from Tor exit nodes without any warnings for their clients. At least their support team honestly admitting that (unlike NIC.RU).

SIPNET.RU SIP provider

They do not allow to enter your account telling that exiting from the Tor is forbidden. But I neither exited from the Tor, nor used any IP-addresses of the exit nodes – they ignored that. Fuck that support with wrong assumptions!

Gandi domain name registrar

They send message absolutely indistinguishable from the spam, without any kind of authentication. And that message tells you that you domain will be blocked. And they do it, because normally spam messages are deleted. And no notification in their account page. Fuck that registrar that blocks (making it absolutely inaccessible) your domain without any adequate notification/attention.

SMILE Internet provider

Very strange system they have got inside. For example if you run Tor exit node, then after a whole all of your TCP connections will be redirected to internal static Web-page saying "you have more than 5 connections, we have blocked you, ask for support". Nobody told me what IS the "connection" and how can they determine that count of "5". Fuck that stupidity and censorship nobody can describe in details about!

GOOGLE’s native Android devices

Once upon a time I have been asked to buy Android device for one man. It worked for a while. Dozens of automatic updates passed successfully. No jail-break, cracking or external (out of Google Play) software was installed – just an ordinary device usage. But yet another update turned the device into a brick. It was not unable to boot again. Bootloader offered to run system recovery – that did not help. Device became totally unusable. At least Cyanogenmod was easy to install and that device is working now again. Fuck that company who forcefully break your devices, forcing you to buy the new ones!

VK.com social network

Once upon a time I was registered in that network. And some day they blocked access to my page. They won’t do anything without providing and confirming the identification number of my personal tracking device (cellular phone). Moreover I was still spammed with various notifications. I have send several email messages to their support team, but did not received any answer for several months. I had to block any email from their domain. Fuck that spying company with unresponding support!

YANDEX MONEY payment system

Once upon a time I was going to buy a flashlight. It could be payed only with Yandex money system. I created an account and added nearly 30$ to my it. Immediately my account was blocked, money is frozen and I was asked to visit their office with the passport. They told about "strange activity". I just registered and added 30$ – that was really very strange for them. They just wanted to force me to show my passport and to track all possible future activities (of course there were none after that accident). Fuck those bastards!


Once they were caught in altering downloadable binaries, bloating them with advertisements – I did not pay attention, because noone should ever download binaries, instead of source code. Once they were caught in blocking access to Iran, Syria and Crimea – but soon they created checkboxes in every project, claiming that it does not contain cryptography-related stuff and no restriction must be applied, project’s leader takes all responsibility and I agreed that it was an acceptable decision. But now they prohibits subscription to mailing lists, without downloading and executing proprietary spying JavaScript code from Google. Moreover, they did it gradually, restricting adequate maillist usage from month to month. Nearly all the time they offered full Mailman lists administration, including downloading of archives, but now it is forbidden too. Fuck those privacy haters and big money company lovers!


(officially it is not the OS, but in fact it is already). That horrible pile of bloated shit makes you GNU/Linux distribution to be like Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS systems. There is a good page with concrete pointers to many terrible and awful things systemd does. systemd is the best example of Suck software!

Corporations driven social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, etc)

Those corporations exploit the very basic human need of communication and use it to get as much private data as they could for selling to other ones. Their aims are not helping people to communicate, but to collect the data. Ease of communication and accessibility already could be achieved for dozens of years before.

Modern Web

Huge, bloated pages with an enormous quantity of images, CSS, even preloading fonts, piles of non-free obfuscated (read: closed source) JavaScript code requiring hundreds of megabytes of memory, dozens of seconds CPU hungry computations and megabytes of traffic for showing just single Web page in ├╝bercomplex unreviewable software. Whole modern Web technologies are aimed to bring you advertisements, spy on your (for collecting information for those advertisements), take off software from your computer to the "clouds" for losing control over it and over the data. None of those CSS and JavaScript is required for transferring documents, knowledge, useful information. They turned content delivery platform to application delivery platform. Fuck that web!

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